„You are so awesome.“

Everything started with the name of a book full of motivational quotes. „You are so awesome“ was standing there in golden and white letters. And every time I felt lost or insecure or was lacking the strength to move on I went through this book and read some quotes. And then kept going.

But is that all we need to continue our journey of building our own careers? Can some simple quotes motivate you and keep going your way? A way that hasn’t been paved out and has to be built by you. In the thick and nasty forest of forms, bureaucracy, and people who are constantly asking you „And you can make a living out of THAT?“.

No. it’s not. And: Of course, it’s not enough. What kept me going where a bunch of good and well-chosen friends. Books with good advice. Lots of blog posts and podcast episodes. And all of the resources found online.

So here is what I am trying to do with these blog posts:

  • Help you on your way to becoming your own boss.
  • Grow as in entrepreneur.
  • Or find the courage to start that side hustle you’ve been dreaming on for quite some time.

By sharing some of the hard-learned lessons and practices that worked for me on my way to become a fulltime business lady.
Be prepared for some very personal and emotional failure stories. Maybe read through the books I recommend.
And be inspired by how I walked the walk. In circles. Many times. While trying to complete my own career change.

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