What you do not find here.

Before we start off on the wrong foot, let’s do some expectation management here. I know there are a lot of „grown your FB-count by XYZ“- sites and guides out there. But although I will talk about what I think works in the social media world these blog posts are not for you if you just want to grow your audience. You will not get a simple guide to walk you through. I will not promote the follow-unfollow-method. I will not tell you to spend 20 minutes every morning on your Instagram feed. Or Maybe I will. But not with the focus on purely growing your social media audience. If you are looking for an easy fix to get to a large number of followers: This isn’t right for you. If you are looking for the perfect pitching guide: This is not for you either.

How I see Social Media.

Gosh, I am really lame and boring. Social Media for me is an outlet to spread my ideas, ask questions and get in touch with like-minded people. Why? To get inspired. To get useful information. And most of all: To grow as a person. Not as an Instagram account or as a Facebook page. Sounds boring to you? That’s too bad. If your motives to hop on the Social Media train are

  • you just to become famous
  • you want to make an enormous amount of money with little-to-no work
  • have other people pay for your expensive vacation at the Infinity Pool
  • you just want to have what everybody else (assumingly) has or
  • it’s just a simple sales tactic for you and you want to screw people over

this blog isn’t for you. It simply isn’t and I think we should go our separate ways. Because I will not recommend loop-giveaways or any kind of these things. Don’t get me wrong. Social Media can be a very powerful marketing tool. But for me, it should support a cause. And that’s not

  • mending your self-value problems by trying to become insta-famous
  • squeezing out people
  • simply gaining followers or
  • to troll people because you feel bad or are an ass

For me, any kind of social media is for people to get in touch. Share their messages and connect with each other. Empower each other and be kind.

What you can expect.

So if you think your social media channels are a great way to express you and give a voice to your mission: Hello and stay a while and listen. Or rather stay a while and read through these blog posts. If you don’t care for the simple follower count and are also on the „we-empower-each-other-and-help-us-grow“-way, you are at the right place.

My blogging goals are

  • to support you with your mission to find the right audience – not in terms of numbers but in terms of Engagement.
  • to help you provide your audience with the best services – because giving comes before receiving in the dictionary of life.
  • to keep you from hopping on every social media train – in a sense of using every social media platform or wasting to much time worrying about your follower numbers
  • to inform you about useful practices and good resources
  • to design a social media presence that suits you and feels good for you

If that’s useful for you have fun and Keep on reading. If you have Social Media Troubles or have a best practices I should share, don’t hesitate to contact me. Haters and trolls may be warned: I have a very dark sense of Humor and will shower you in unsolicited good vibes. Or avocado pics, depending on my mood. Cheers!

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