Get to the core.

Personal Branding is a term that is pretty newly used together with photography. Sure there were business headshots. And of course, you could find everything on building a brand image for your company. But being a brand yourself? That’s pretty new. Which makes it even harder to get all the information you need in one place.

And the truth may be told: You won’t find all the information you need in this place either. There are so many angles you can approach personal branding from and personal branding is so much more than just a mere branding exercise. But if you look at yourself and wonder how you can benefit from personal branding. Or even think about how difficult it is to figure out what your personal brand ist, you are in the right place.

What you will find here.

Getting to the core of what you stand for as a person and figuring out what strength are lying inside of you is difficult. Especially if you are trying to figure out everything by yourself. Taking these insights into the essence of you and merging them with your business vision can be even harder. I was and still am on the path of doing exactly this for myself. While coaching and supporting other (mostly female) friends and friendly humans on these matters. And after years of being the advisory one, I decided: Let’s share the knowledge, experiences, and insights to all the fempreneurs out there. So that’s what you find here. Blog posts about getting to your core, finding your mission statement and resources and tools that help you grow and develop the best version of yourselves. With the goal to empower and help the future female entrepreneurs and business owners on their way to their own version of success.

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