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Are you looking for a way to highlight your mission and craft a powerful brand statement? You are in the right place.

No matter where you are in the process of your business development, I can help you with the planning and launching of your business. Whether it is helping you with how to build your website or finding out what distinguishes your business from the noisy crowd, here is the place to find help.

With my business degree, background in the automotive sector and experience as an entrepreneur I can help you define your brand and develop a strategy for your SME or your solopreneur business.


Support your brand statement and how you are perceived with stunning and strong images.

A personal branding shoot is not just about showing you in the best light. It is also a tool to give your customer an insight into your life, your product design process and a way to connect with future clients. Not in a sales-y way, but through a deep connection that builds loyalty and trust. For longterm success and a longterm relationship with your clients.

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Sometimes it is not just about creating a strategy or shoot high-quality images. Sometimes all you need is someone to present the idea and benefits of personal branding to your audience.

Your audience can be a group of employees who want to know how they can present themselves better. Your audience can be a group of creative entrepreneurs or small business owners. It can be at your conference or your next local meetup. When you look for a guest speaker on the topic of personal branding, I would love to be your guest speaker at an event you host.

With my background in radio entertainment and being experienced as a speaker, I can support your event with an entertaining and educating presentation of personal branding.

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