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Anna Christina Harms is a business owner and creator from Berlin.

After her graduation in business management, she worked several years for an automobile manufacturer before she decided it was time to pursue her real-life passions.

To broaden her horizon she enrolled in psychology, is currently finishing her studies on History of Art & Scandinavism and works as a freelance photographer in Berlin.

Her passion is making things better and help people become the best version of themselves. Social Media is her second nature as it is her tool to spread the knowledge to improve your everyday business life or create a distinguishable personal brand.

In her free time you can find her mainly outdoors, either being active, traveling or reading a good ebook in a park.


  • Business background

    Six years of work experience for a German car manufacturer as a process planner and for the international media strategy team. The best way to perfect communication, planning and strategy skills while getting valuable insights on how a company works. As of 2016 business owner who knows her way around marketing and media.
  • Knowledge is key

    A degree in business management is the basis. To get a better understanding of human behavior and to help people grow studies in psychology followed. Currently enrolled at the Humboldt University in History of Art and Scandinavism to understand objects of culture in the context of society.
  • Digital Native

    Social Media has become part of my everyday life. I live and breath Social Media and use it actively. IGTV, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, no program or feature is safe, as I use them all and explore the use and limits of new features. My next post is just a second away.
  • Speaking & Writing

    I love working on cross-media projects. My newest project is a podcast called "Freihändig" together with an illustrator. Speaking is another passion of mine, mostly about "Personal Branding on Social Media". The list of my past projects includes working for the university radio as host, producer, and editor.

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