• About – Christina Harms

    About me

    Anna Christina Harms is a Personal Branding expert with an eye for images.

    She is a photographer and creativepreneur* who creates, writes and consults for female entrepreneurs and businesswoman so they have a clearer definition of their mission & purpose and the perfect images to convey their message.

    With a business degree and experience in the automotive sector, she is now out and about to make the life of fellow entrepreneurs easier.

    *Are you wondering what a creativepreneur is? Look at the second definition in the urban dictionary.

  • I believe in

    My Mission

    Supporting other fempreneurs on their way to a bigger business.
    With strategy.
    With branding.
    And with invigorating images.
  • How I Work

    The tools.

    A blog. Full of knowledge.
    A camera. To create a stunning vision.
    And a voice. To get my message through.
  • More to see.

    My references.

    The kick-ass Journey Journal blog, my experiences as a radio host and producer, the upcoming and inspiring podcast, my business expertise and lots and lots of beautiful images.
    Just to name a few.

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